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Quick Start Guide

In this guide we hope to show you how to go from no website, to a full website with a shop (WordPress and WooCommerce) and emails! First thing is first. You need to get a Domain...

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How To: Login to Control Panel

This How To will show you how to login to your control panel and cPanel accounts from the main StredTech site. Your control panel on Stred.Tech is the first port of call for anything relating...

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How To: Enable SSL (Secure Site)

Having a SSL secured website is a priority for anyone, especially those who are taking payments or personal details.  StredTech Cloud Hosting has an easy to use tool for creating your Free SSL certificates.  We...

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How To: Setup Email Addresses

All our Web hosting plans come with Email hosting as standard. In this guide you will learn how to use the StredTech Cloud Hosting Control Panel to create your new email addresses and learn how...

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How To: Connect Printful to WooCommerce

Before you start, you will need to sign up to Printful – its free! Step 1: Upgrade your WooCommerce to the latest version Some of Printful’s features don’t work with older versions of Woocommerce. So...

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How To: Order New Domain

Order Domain with Web Hosting: Registering a new domain and ordering hosting is easy and cheap. StredTech Cloud Hosting is powered by 100% and runs on super fast SSD drives meaning your website...

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How To: Host Multiple Domains

StredTech Cloud Hosting lets you host multiple websites from one Hosting Plan. This saves you money and the hassle of managing multiple accounts.  Having multiple Domains on your Hosting account is easy, we call them...

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How To: Installing WordPress

This will guide you how to install WordPress with just few clicks using Softaculous.  Login to your control panel Go to your control panel – Click here for a guide Now look for Softaculous icon in the control...

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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? At its core, WordPress is one of the simplest and most popular ways to create your own website or blog. Currently, WordPress powers around 36% of all the websites on the Internet. Thats around 1...

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How To: Create Post

First of all, we need to establish which WordPress editor you have installed – chances are, its the new Gutenberg editor which was introduced in December 2018 Which version do I have? In order to...

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